About us

DUKORIA INTERNATIONAL LTD has primed itself as a result-oriented company that engages in the provision of Environmental Services, Analytical Laboratory, Technical Safety, Geographic Information System (GIS), Hydrographic, Bathymetry and hydrogeological Services to the oil and gas and manufacturing sectors in the Nigeria economy. The firm started as Dukoria Ventures in 2001 but became incorporated in August, 2005. Our experts are among the best in the industry and bring decades of experience to our clients working in the natural resource and energy sectors.

Dukoria places a higher focus on safety, quality and senior level expertise that is provided to every client on every project. Our team has decades of experience successfully managing projects with inimitable regulatory and environmental requirements. We understand all the moving parts of a project from inception to decommissioning & abandonement. We have the expertise needed to mitigate risks, ensure compliance and help you build strong relationships with stakeholders inclusive of indigenous, regulators and the public to get your project from planning to operational.

Our Laboratories equipment are duly certified (NCEC) by the Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB). We are accredited and registered with: NAPIMS-NIPEX; FMEnv; NURC; NESREA; NODSRA; NCDMB NOGIC-JQS and other State Regulatory Agencies.

In order to meet up our customer’s expectations, our Quality Managment System is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We have one of the best Environmental Analytical Laboratories (Delta & Portharcourt Labs) located in the Niger Delta sub-region of Nigeria. Our laboratory raw data are subjected to rigorous statistical analysis (Environmetrics & Chemometrics) using STATGRAPHICS, STATISTICA and KYPLOT statistical softwares for better presentation of results and technical report. We also have myriads of consultants and technical personnel versed in Environmental Studies, GIS, ESI Mapping technologies, Oil Spill clean-up and Risk Management.


To provide our clients with consummate, value for money, high quality, cost-effective, and on-schedule services that will follow adequate work plan and time specific service delivery.


To become a consulting firm of global repute in oil and gas and related industries


The corporate structure at Dukoria International Limited is very adaptable to addressing specific client needs.  Dukoria International Limited provides technical services such as but not limited to:


  • Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA); Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS); Environmental Auditing (EA); Environmental Evaluation Studies (EES); Post-Impact Assessment (PIA); Social & Health Impact Assessment (SIA); Pollution Control Studies; Seabed Survey.


  • Water Analysis; Soil Analysis; Sediment Analysis; Microbiological Analysis; Air Quality; Toxicology Lab; Microtox Analyzer (Acute Toxicity using Vibro Fisheri bacteria); Bioaccumulation/Bio-magnifications Analysis & Studies


  • Ground water contamination monitoring and treatment; Oil Spill Modeling & clean-up; Bioremediation technology; Erosion/flood control.


  • HSE Case Development & Implementation; High Risk Analysis using Bow-tie Methodology; HazOp – Hazard and Operability Studies; SAFOP; SIL Review; Hazid – Hazard Identification Studies; QRA & Qualitative Risk Assessment


  • GIS Applications; GPS Applications; Data Base Development; Geomatics; Digital Cartography; Remote sensing interpretations and applications; Environmental sensitivity index (ESI) mapping; Oil Spill Modelling, Land use pattern; Habitat change detection.


  • Bathymetric and Geophysical survey; Hydrographic and MetOcean Survey; Single & Double beam bathymetry; Seabed feature and obstruction mapping; Shallow and Deeper Geology Mapping.